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That sleepy, scrunchy newborn, tiny little knuckle dimples, soft tiny toes and chubby little cheeks. All the details of our precious babies that we wish to hold forever. Of course the next, more awake, smiley stage is magical too but there's just no beating the first few weeks in the newborn bubble. Underslept, over stimulated and so full of love. They aren't little for long, let me capture them perfectly as they are for you to keep forever.

Relax with your new baby in my cosy garden studio in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire, while I capture gorgeous photographs that will last a lifetime.


Get in touch shortly after your 20 week scan to book your due date in the diary.

Once little one arrives, we will book in a date anywhere up to 6 weeks old.

Regardless of which session type you are booking, be it Maternity or First Birthday, I want to set you up for success and to create beautiful images that you love. Therefore, every session includes-

-A Design Consultation either in person or over the phone where we will discuss exactly what you are looking for, the style of the photos and what to wear.

-Your Prep Guide to cover everything you need to know before your session, how to prepare including choosing outfits and what to expect.

-Up to 4hr session, depending on the session type, including a variety of family and individual photographs.​

-Viewing Appointment where you will view the edited images from your session and Sophie can guide you through the printing process.

-Password Protected Online Gallery where you can download and share with friends and family any images you purchased.

Psst... Are you looking for 
The perfect gift?
 A portrait session is so personal and lasts forever, why not get in touch today to chat about our gift voucher options?
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